As a premier training institution offering a gamut of technical courses like Big data, analytics, project management, web development and much more; our aim is to deliver best quality lectures through expert and experienced trainers.

We at Edifyself believe that a skilled trainer can make an impact on their students and help them ace the examinations with ease thereby helping them to get certified.

It is for these reasons and the commitment to offer the best training through online and offline modes; we are offering a platform for certified, experienced and subject – passionate trainers who can join us aboard.

So how do I grow in this role?

At Edifyself, encouraging talent and skill is a priority. We would like you to contribute by developing world class course material for our wide range of courses. These will in-turn would be used to train students seeking our course. Not only this, a trainer with Edifyself gets global recognition, visibility and the opportunity to be part of a commendable training panel.

What are the monetary benefits?

Our business values echoes on nurturing and giving due credit to trainers at the right time and place. Our fair compensation package based on a revenue sharing model would bring in the much deserved monetary appreciation, which every trainer can look forward.

So am I in?

Yes, if you are:

  • Academically qualified and possess relevant, specialised professional certification.
  • Ardent and dedicated about teaching and training curious individuals.
  • Passionate to connect with enthusiastic learners and share knowledge.
  • Interested to develop superior quality courseware and learning materials.